Welcome to AL BALSAM Homeopathic Center

The BALSAM HOMEOPATHIC CENTER , SHARJAH is first of it’s kind of independent homeopathic treatment center in UAE, dedicated to the highest standards for homeopathy, the encouragement of homeopathic practice, maintaining the ethics in homeopathic practice for the welfare of all its associate members. Dr. Rosamma Sabu is the main Doctor controlling all its activities.

Balsam was founded by Dr. Rosamma in the year 2005 and brought up to the current state with her dedicated service to the society in the PURE HOMEOPATHIC WAY . Now Balsam is counted one among the best Homeopathic center in UAE with very professional team of various department and holds multinational clientele. No wonder the patients feel at home, in Balsam always.

Homeopathic Approach
Homeopathy differs from mostly practiced conventional systems in its approach. According to the “organon of medicine” which explains the basics of homeopathy, the medicines are selected individually based on mind , intellect , physicals , habits, the personal history , history of diseases , family history etc.
Our Specialty
We provide specialty treatment for ALLERGIES: Asthma, Food allergy, Urticaria, Rhinitis       SKIN PROBLEMS: Psoriasis, Eczema. Acne, Alopecia, Chrinic ulcers Hair Falling, Vitiligo GYNAECOLOGY Infertility, Period irregularities, Menapausal Symptoms G.I.T Hyper Acidity, Peptic Ulcers,Fissure, Colitis, Piles